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TimeProgram TitleHost / Pastor
12:00 AM Heavenly Jazz Only on KIHL  
  4:30 AM The Word in Focus Ron Brav
  5:00 AM Heavenly Jazz Only on KIHL  
  6:00 AM A New Beginning Greg Laurie
  6:30 AM Learn the Word Doug McClean
  7:00 AM The Word for Today Daily Chuck Smith
  7:30 AM The Word in Focus Ron Brav
  7:45 AM Jesus Style Gayle Erwin
  8:00 AM Vision Radio Garid Beeler
  8:30 AM Revival Radio John Miller
  9:00 AM Real Radio Jack Hibbs
  9:30 AM Hope for Today David Hocking
10:00 AM The Connection Skip Heitzig
10:30 AM Enduring Word David Guzik
11:00 AM Larger than Life Ron Hindt
11:30 AM Growing thru Grace Jack Abeelen
12:00 PM A New Generation Derald Skinner
12:30 PM Boomrang Bud Stonebraker
  1:00 PM Sound Truth Malcom Wild
  1:30  PM Step By Step Jim Gallagher
  2:00 PM In Spirit and Truth JD Farag
  2:30 PM Godsword Ken Graves
  3:00 PM Word for Word Lee Coe
  3:30 PM Sandy Adams Radio Sandy Adams
  4:00 PM The Word For Today Evening Chuck Smith
  4:30 PM The Word in Focus Ron Brav
  4:45 PM Just Thinking Ravi Zacharias
  5:00 PM Straight From The Heart Joe Focht
  5:30 PM On The Level Pancho Juarez
  6:00 PM Walking In Truth Johnny Zacchio
  6:30 PM Grace Upon Grace Mark Martin
  7:00 PM Summons Radio Terry Grey
  7:30 PM Simple Truths Xavier Ries
  8:00 PM The Word in Focus Ron Brav
  8:30 PM Heavenly Jazz only on KIHL